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类型:国产动漫  大陆  2020 

主演:夏海青 藤新 杜炎喆 郝祥海 施燕燕 张震 

导演:木头 阿根 周达炜 西木子 程晓榕 




"All Saints Street" works from China An excellent anime based on the manga of the same name. The release time of this anime is April 1, 2020. There are 36 episodes in total, and each episode is 4 minutes long. The original name of the animation is 1031 Wansheng Street, and the specific genres are about comedy, short films, fantasy, and animation. The main plot tells the story of western gods and monsters living together in human society.

The film tells the story of many monsters in Western society who are preparing to enter human society because they cannot survive in the West. Inside to survive. All kinds of weird monsters hide in human society by virtue of their own abilities. They are very different from the way of life in human society, and have caused many funny things. In order to survive in human society, they had to find some jobs to support themselves. Since I don't have any work experience, I can only rely on my own magic to complete some work, and finally live happily in human society.




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